Monday, June 27, 2016

Family Game Night #1!

Hey! It's Saige. Today I have a slightly different post. All of us dolls decided to make what is called a Family Game Night. It's where we all get together and play one game as a family. (Except for Nellie; she's just a friend, but we didn't want to leave her out.) On some exciting news, Kit came home from college during the summer! So she got to join us for family game night. Enjoy!
We decided to play a game called Scotland yard. 
One of us decided that it would be cool to have Bella take pictures of us in front of the game board.
Me (Saige)
(Who's picture did you like the best?)
All of us ready to play Scotland Yard! There are detectives and a player called Mr. X. The detectives are trying to capture Mr. X while Mr. X is trying to avoid capture. I (Saige) am Mr. X.

Do you like my mustache? Since I was Mr. X, I had to wear a mustache.

During the game Mr. X writes where he moves, and then covers it up with what he took. There are taxis, buses, and the underground. (The board is a London map basically.)

After 5 moves, he (Mr. X) has to place his pawn on where he is.
Katrina is flabbergasted at where I was. No one was near me! Victory will be mine!
Oh no! Kaya moved her pawn onto 144!
And I (Mr. X) am on 144! Kaya caught me!
"No!" I wailed.
Kaya was so happy that she caught me! The detectives won the game because Kaya landed on me! 
Katrina yelled for a dog pile, and Samantha, Katrina, and Nellie dog-piled on me.
Kaya and Kit both watched as they smothered me to death. Okay, they didn't smother me to death, I'm just exaggerating.
The first game night was so much fun! I can't wait until we do another one!
What's your favorite game? Mine is probably Scotland Yard and Spot It. What's yours? I would love to know!
I almost forgot, who's picture did you like the most in front of the game board? 
See you later!


  1. These are so cute! Scotland Yard sounds like a fun game!

  2. Scotland Yard sounds like so much fun! Great photostory!:) Hm, my favorite game is probably Life or Pit.;)

    1. Thanks! It is fun. I like Life too! :)

  3. Great job! I really like it! I've actually never played Scotland Yard.. :D

    1. Thank you! Scotland Yard isn't a really popular game, but it's fun!


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