Friday, June 10, 2016

The Detectives of Iris Valley- Episode 8

Ahhh!! I'm so excited for this part! It might be my favorite part so far. Bella has been writing the episodes, and she doesn't tell us what's going on until we take the pictures. So Samantha and I are always waiting in suspense!
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Starring Samantha as Iris.
Starring Saige as Miss Grace Fleur (Pronounced 'flower'.) 
"I'm not going to tell The Mayor. But what should we do with the flower?" asked Iris.
Miss Fleur suggested that they should move the flower to the greenhouse and figure out what kind of flower it was.
Iris walked away and dug up the flower and put it in the greenhouse with the other flowers.
After moving the flower, Iris and Miss Grace sat down in the shade.
Iris sighed and looked off into the distance. "I'm discouraged Miss Grace. I just want to quit."
Miss Fleur looked at Iris.
"Why Iris? What's wrong?" Miss Fleur asked.
Miss Fleur placed her hand on Iris. "Don't be discouraged. We'll get to the bottom of this. You can't quit Iris. Listen, I'll tell you a little secret. Before you came, I didn't know what an iris was!"
Iris smiled a small smile. "I won't quit, yet. It's just I'm working for The Mayor, but I feel like I'm doing things behind his back. Like the flower we just moved. I don't know what I should do."
She stood up. "Well, one thing's for sure. We can walk around the valley and look for invasive flowers. Are you coming?"
While they were walking around, a person stopped them.
"I'm here to replace Miss Fleur," she said.
Ahhhh! The suspense! I don't know what's going to happen! Maybe with your help I can get Bella to tell me what's going to happen. I can't wait a week!
Who is this new character? And why is she going to replace Miss Fleur? What's going to happen to Miss Fleur?!
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