Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Meet Lilly and Paige!

Hello! This is Bella. Today I have a introduction post of two very cute twin girls named Lilly and Paige.
This is Lilly.
And this is her twin sister Paige.
They are two fun, adventurous, mischievous girls. They are 6 years old. 
Lilly is the more quiet one. She enjoys being outside and drawing.

Paige is more adventurous then Lilly. Her favorite things to do are climb trees and dress up.
No one exactly knows what the twins are up to all the time.
Even though Paige is wearing a dress, she loves to play outside.

She loves doing cartwheels, and she never can stand still.
(I love this picture of Lilly.)
Lilly doesn't often want to be in front of the camera. Sometimes she is outgoing; other times she is shy.
Do you have any questions for the two girls? It would make their day if you asked them questions. (I'll be helping them.)
I hope you enjoyed reading about the twins! Occasionally I'll be posting some pictures of them, but it won't be all the time.
Do you have any other dolls beside AG?


  1. They are so cute! Here are some questions for both of them:
    What is your favorite color?
    Do you like reading?
    Would you rather swim or climb trees?


    1. I know right? Thank you for your questions!

  2. Aww, those dolls are so cute! Where did you get them?
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  3. Both girls are so cute! The pictures are beautiful! Here are some questions for both of them:
    -What's your favorite animal?
    -Who do you admire?
    -What's the best and the worst thing about being a twin?
    That's all for now!
    ~Grace <3

    1. Thanks! Thank you for the questions!

  4. Aw, these pictures are so, so cute! They sound like so much fun!:) Do they have twin telepathy?;)

  5. Aww! Cute! These pictures are soo pretty, Saige! <3

  6. Having a twin is awesome ( I'm partial being a twin myself), it's great having a playmate 24/7.
    One question: who's older?

    My twin sister and myself think we may have a little bit of twin telepathy.

    ~ Dolly

    1. The twins think so too. That's awesome that you're a twin!


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