Thursday, June 23, 2016

My Thoughts on the WellieWishers

Hello! Bella here. Today I have my thoughts on the release of the WellieWishers. Tomorrow I will do my thoughts on the Truly Me release.
WellieWishers American Girl
Here are all the new dolls. They are a line called the WellieWishers. I think that the dolls are cute, but I don't like the name WellieWishers. My favorite new doll would either be Willa, Camille, or Emerson. All the dolls are super cute! They are reasonably priced at $60.
WellieWishers American Girl
When I saw the playhouse, I thought that it was adorable! But, when I saw the price, I was like no way! The price is $250!
American Girl Nature Explorer Set
The nature explorer set is so cute! It is $24.

Carrot & Hutch is so cute! I just want the bunny. It is priced at $42.

The showtime ballet costume is so cute! I wonder if it will fit Lilly or Paige....
It is priced at $24.
American Girl WellieWishers Wellies & Socks Set for Girls
There are some clothes for the girl which match them, and there are socks and boots which match the dolls. The socks are $20 and the wellies are $26. I really like the idea of the socks and the boots, and I like how you can wear different socks to match, and you don't have to get different shoes to match.

There are a few more accessories and outfits for the dolls, but I just did the ones that I really liked, plus it's more fun to look at the outfits yourself.
Are you planning to buy any of the WellieWishers or outfits?
Tomorrow I will post my thoughts on the Truly Me release. (I'm so excited about it!) This release was so big that I will have to put it into two parts!
See you tomorrow!


  1. I have no plans of buying any WellieWisher stuff. I think the dolls themselves are cute, but I feel like they don't fit the AG brand, they look like something you could find at Target!;D Great post, it was fun reading your thoughts!:)

  2. The WellieWishers are cute, but I really don't like them very much. I prefer the Hearts4Hearts dolls personally. Some of the WW stuff is really cute, though!


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